Meet Sue Repko

    Photo By Glen Repko    


Photo By Glen Repko


Name: Susan Repko

Where do you live?

On the west side where I can walk into town


Full time? Part time? Seasonal?

My husband, Glen, and I purchased our house in 2002 and we retired here two years ago.


When did you move here or discover this part of paradise? 

I'm proud that I am the 7th generation of my family (Huntley) to live in Schroon Lake.  My ancestors were original settlers of the town, my grandfather was an Adirondack guide, my mother was valedictorian of the class of 1938, and my grandmother owned Leonia’s, a very popular restaurant on Fowler Avenue.  People still rave about her pizza and I am fortunate to have the recipe.  I also met Glen here when I was 17 years old.  Schroon Lake has always called me home.


Where did you grow up? 

In Schenectady with my seven siblings.  My mother went there in 1938 for nurse’s training and my father had appendicitis.


How do you -- or did you -- make a living?

As a director at Marist College, I was responsible for a program that served 240 inner city youth in Poughkeepsie and Kingston.  The goal was to motivate failing students to graduate from high school and enter college- a challenge for many who were dealing with tough issues at home and in their neighborhood. 


In comparison, our young people here are fortunate to go to Schroon Lake Central School where they are supported in and out of school.  It’s a jewel. 


How do you spend your free time?

I treasure time with my daughters, Leanne and Carly and being silly with my grandchildren.  I like hanging-out with Glen, working on my landscape photography, and playing the piano loudly when no one’s around.  I enjoy sharing the load with other volunteers in town, especially serving on the Board of Education.


Coffee, Tea, or…? 

I like taking a cup of ginger-peach tea to my favorite wicker chair on our porch.  But give me a mug of strong coffee in the morning.


What’s your idea of a perfect Saturday?

There’s nothing like hiking in the woods with friends and eating lunch out of a paper bag while sitting on a log.  I also enjoy adventures with Glen that includes driving down mountain roads and discovering restaurants with wonderful food. 


What’s your favorite local restaurant?

I enjoy these specialties:  Pizza at DeCesare’s, pie at Pitkin’s, berry salad at Stick’s & Stone’s, nachos at Flanagan’s and salmon at Drake’s. 


Favorite season(s) and why?

Walking in the woods on a fall day just feels spiritual.  Spring always surprises me when it finally arrives and I can dig in my garden. Winter fun includes snow shoeing to meet friends on the lake no matter how cold it is.  I guess I’m just a cool weather girl. 


What’s on your nightstand?

A charming antique lamp that casts a pink glow.


What are you listening to?

Adele as of today.


What are your current addictions? 

It has always been warm chocolate chip cookies out of the oven with a glass of milk.  I often have dessert before dinner. 


Who or what makes you laugh?

My 3-year-old grandson, Glen, and Jimmy Fallon.


Talent you would most like to have?

To be able to sing like Glen or my daughter, Leanne. They are both cantors in the church.  


What’s the best kept secret about Schroon Lake and/or surrounding areas?

How interesting and happy folks are around here whether they are full-timers or second-home owners.  It’s amazing that so many people volunteer behind-the-scenes to make events happen.  This town is a family.


What do you hope they say at your funeral? 

That she loved her family and made a difference in the community.