A Cautionary Tale: Don’t Drive Distracted in the ‘Dacks

A scary tale about from Patrick Siler  -- co-founder of ADK Shakes and a long time Schroon Laker --  about  dog walking and distracted drivers. This should scare the living daylights out of all of us. From Patrick:

"A North Country Survival Story of the (apparently) extreme sport that is walking dogs on the side of the road when the seasonal folks get to town:

Us: Two full-grown humans, standing in the very narrow shoulder of this curvy mountain road, each minding a dog so it doesn't jump out into the street in front of cars.

Her: Driving a white SUV in the oncoming lane, bending over to grab (I'm guessing) a cell phone that just dinged out a new-text notification, making no effort whatever to steer the car to follow the curve of the road, but rather bearing down directly on all four of us.

Fortunately we yelled and her passenger yelled and she looked up just in time to swerve the car back onto the actual roadway before we all needed to dive into the ditch or get kersplatted. Crisis narrowly averted. But I worry that this near-miss might just reinforce for this terrible driver that, because she didn't kill anyone this time, she's not in the category of people who shouldn't text while driving.

Please, pretty please, all of you motor vehicle operators out there, don't for a moment think that the fact you haven't had an accident yet means that it's ok for you to text and drive. I promise, you're not good at it. No one is. And if you haven't yet seen this PSA (really a short documentary) from the great Werner Herzog, take thirty minutes to watch and stay safe this summer!"