A New Day For The Morningstar Bistro


The Morningstar Bistro, which has been owned and operated by Myriam Friedman for the last ten years, was put up for sale this week.

Named after Natalie Wood’s character Marjorie Morningstar  -- from the film and book of the same name – the bistro has been turning out amazing sandwiches, crepes, waffles, soups and coffees to locals and summer people alike.  

“I’ve  had a good ten years,” Myriam told Schroon Laker today

The restaurant's direct Schroon connection is that Myriam’s  mother-in-law Janet Friedman, (mother of Roger and Joel) was an extra in the Marjorie Morningstar film.

“I feel terrible, I have mixed feelings,” Myriam said.

She said she decided to sell the restaurant because it was time to retire.

The restaurant, a turn-key operation, has a prime location on Main Street, Schrron. It comes with most everything – except a few items. The recipes, all of the cookware, and all of the furniture are included.


Myriam hopes that someone with a love of Schroon Lake might become the new owners.

“I would love to have it open just the way it is, or have a café that might have healthier food.

Besides being a restaurant it could be re-purposed for any business. The space includes a dining area, kitchen and restroom. There is also a 768 square foot retail or office space,  a two car garage and a  separate 200 sq. ft. Main Street. commercial area --  as well as a spacious three bedroom apartment. The property includes 110 ft. on Mill Creek.

For those who will miss Myriam  -- she will still be around town. “I’m looking for a part time job. Do you have one,?” she joked.

We wish Myriam all the best in the next chapter of her life. For more information about the sale, click here.