Rejoice: The Wells House Is Back In Business...Summer 2017 Update: See Below:

Summer 2017 Update: The Wells House remains closed with no signs it will reopen anytime soon. Schroon Laker has learned the owners have ceased work on the renovation. We will continue to monitor future developments.

The Wells House in Pottersville --  the restaurant, bar and ten room hotel that has been shuttered since April of 2011 – has new owners.

Schroon Laker has learned that the closing of the deal took place Friday morning. The landmark building was foreclosed on in 2012,  and has been listed by the bank with Friedman Realty ever since. Schroon Laker has learned that the contract contains a clause for the new owners to apply for a liquor license.

Joel Friedman, from Friedman Realty, said he had no idea what the new owners plans were, but when asked if it would open as a restaurant and or a hotel, he replied “Hopefully.”

“What this area needs is more beds for tourism,” Joel told Schroon Laker.

Once opened, the return of another eatery for folks in Horicon, Chester, South Schroon and the town of Adirondack will be surely welcomed.

The Wells House has experienced several incarnations since its doors were first opened in 1885: from featuring lavish accommodations and comestibles for travelers from New York City who over nighted there after a long train and horse and carriage ride in the heyday of Schroon inthe early 1900s, to literally being a biker bar  -- where a Harley was parked on the bar – The Wells House has apparently seen it all.

In the last decade the building has undergone two extensive renovations. You can read a terrific history of The Wells House and her glory days, written by Joe Steiniger on his North Country Rambler blog, here.