Well, Well, Wells House

Fans of the long shuttered Wells House in Pottersville rejoiced last year at the news that a buyer had been found.

The restaurant, bar and hotel had been vacant for years, after the Champlain National Bank foreclosed on the property. The bank let the liquor license lapse, so whoever purchased the property would have to apply to the state to have a new license issued.

Enter the Beadnell Family, who own and operate more than a dozen businesses in the North Country. The shining jewel of their empire is the Ridin’ Hy Ranch and Resort on Sherman Lake. The family also has a mobile home park and multiple real estate investments.

“The idea was for the Beadnells to get back the liquor license and re-open the property as a bar,” said Heide Lane, from Gallo Realty, in Chestertown, the current listing agent.

“They did get their liquor license, but decided they had too many projects going, so they put it back on the market” 

The current listing price is $299,000, but that does not include the liquor license.

“The license is in the Beadnell’s name. Whoever buys the property would have to get their own license,” Heide said.

You can check out the listing here. In the meantime, if you know of an entrepreneurial chef, who wants to walk into a fully equipped kitchen and bar with ten picture perfect hotel rooms for guests, share this story.