Hiking Baxter

Photos and Story by Jim Bohleber

The Baxter Mountain hike was fun and scenic. Also, it was not a real tough one. It was just hard enough to give you a workout if you keep a decent pace. It took us 55 minutes going up, and 40 minutes to come back down. The hike is the steepest towards the very end, but not a problem.

We did it around mid-day, and only had water bottles. It was a beautiful day! The view from the top was great. 

We are looking forward to doing it again in the fall. The crisp sky and colors should make it amazing! 
It takes about 30 minutes to drive to the trail head. It’s located 2.0 miles east of the intersection NYS Routes 73 and 9N at the top of the hill. The trail is south of Route 9N, 60 feet east of the intersection with Hurricane Road.