Throw Back Weekend: Tourism in The North Country


We take for granted jumping in our cars or on our motorbikes, and heading up or down the Northway  --  or other roads east and west --  to get here. Imagine if your trip involved a train, stagecoach and a ride on a steamship before arriving at your ;lakeside destination?

That’s the way it once was, not so long ago. And once you arrived here, and were lucky enough to be a guest at one of the lake’s fine resorts, you were in for one grand holiday. Meals taken in your hotel’s restaurant, nightly entertainment and local excursions. Just call the concierge!

You can learn all about that experience this weekend at the Schroon North Hudson Historical Society’s museum. Don't delay -- it's their final weekend of the season.


And on Sunday, fans of the long shuttered Frontier Town can take a walk down memory lane. Authors of the recently published “Frontier Town: Abandoned Theme Park Then and Now" Jennifer St. Pierre and Tammy Whitty-Brown (our own Exec Director of the Schroon Chamber of Commerce) will be at the museum selling copies of their hard cover book and taking orders for their soon to be published soft cover edition.

The coffee table stylebook includes hundreds of photos:  from its grand opening, glory years, cowboys and Indians, its daily rodeo, stagecoach hold-ups and steam train rides, until now, in its decaying, crumbling state. The book is filled with memories from former employees and visitors.