From the DEC:

"The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation welcomes all visitors recreating on the lands & waters of the Adirondacka this Memorial Day Holiday Weekend.

This information is provided to help you have a safe and enjoyable experience while you hike, camp, boat and paddle. Adirondack Backcountry Information provides more details.

FIRE DANGER: Moderate. Never leave a campfire unattended. Be sure campfires are out.

CAMPGROUNDS: All DEC campgrounds are open for the season.

LOCKS ON THE SARANAC LAKE CHAIN: DEC will staff the locks from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, Friday through Monday. The lower locks are operating intermittently requiring manual operation at times – expect delays.

SEASONAL ACCESS ROADS: Seasonal access roads used to access the backcountry can be rough, the use of 4-wheel drive pickup trucks, SUVs and other high clearance motor vehicles is recommended. Most seasonal access roads are open.

BOAT LAUNCHES: All DEC boat launches are open and docks are installed.

WATER CONDITIONS: Waters levels are low but may rise quickly during and immediately after storms. Low water crossings are passable for hiking but may not be during and immediately after storms. Paddlers and boaters should watch for unexpected obstacles above or just below the surface of the water. Some sections of rivers and streams may not be passable. People boating or paddling should wear a personal flotation device (PFD) at all times.

HIGH USAGE LEVELS: Trailhead parking lots and interior campsites will often fill to capacity particularly in the more popular areas to hike, paddle, boat and camp. Plan accordingly and seek backcountry recreation in other less popular areas of the Adirondacks.

THUNDERSTORM SAFETY: Avoid being on summits, water and in other open areas during thunderstorms. As soon as you are first aware of an approaching thunderstorm move to lower elevations, head to shore and otherwise seek shelter. Find a low spot away from tall trees, seek an area of shorter trees and crouch down away from tree trunks.

MUDDY TRAIL ADVISORY: Hikers are advised to avoid trails above 2,500 feet in the High Peaks Region to protect the trails and surrounding vegetation which are very vulnerable at this time of year. Hikers can cause severe erosion of trails and significant damage to vegetation. Steep, wet and muddy trails are also very slippery. Hikers are asked use low and mid-elevation trails at this time.

BEAR RESISTANT CANISTERS: The use of bear-resistant canisters by overnight users in the Eastern High Peaks Wilderness and is encouraged throughout the Adirondacks.

BITING INSECTS: Black Flies & Mosquitoes are present minimize the nuisance of biting insects by:

  • Wearing light colored long sleeve shirts and long pants;
  • Tucking shirts into pants, buttoning or banding sleeves at the wrist, and tucking pant legs into socks;
  • Packing a head net to wear when insects are thick; and
  • Using an insect repellant with DEET, following the label direction

ROCK CLIMBING ROUTE CLOSURES: Due to nesting peregrine falcons the following routes are closed:

  • Poke-O-Moonshine Mountain – All routes on the Main Face between and including #26 “Hang ‘Em High” and # 82 “Piece of Snatch”, all other climbing routes are open.
  • Chapel Pond – All routes on Lower Washbowl Cliffs.
  • Wilmington Notch – All routes on Moss Cliff and Labor Day Wall.
  • Crane Mountain – All routes within the Amphitheater on the Black Arches Wall (#86 “Project” to #97 “Gun Show”) and,  #98 “Torcher” and #99 “Eating Tripe and Lichen It”.
  •  Shelving Rock Mountain, Lake George – All routes on the Big Wall and Jackass Buttress and the access trail to them. Enjoy your visit to the Adirondacks!"