'Cats Cruise To Record Season

The Schroon Lake Boys Wildcats  -- with an unbeaten 12–0 record --  have earned the number 4 seed in the Class D Section Boys Soccer Tournament VII play offs.

The ‘Cats will face fifth seed 5 Minerva-Newcomb at home in a quarterfinal Friday at 3 p.m. With its 4-0 win over Crown Point last Thursday, the ‘ Cats completed a perfect season within the Northern Soccer League. The 12-0 mark led to their first league championship since 1967.

The PostStar has a full wrap up of the season with interviews with coach Lee Silvernail and players Matt Filler and Justin Wachowski. Coach Silvernail says a lot has changed in soccer, since Schroon Lake won their last championship in 1967. He's reminded about that when some of the players back in the day come to watch his current team.

"The funniest things are some of the guys from the old-school soccer come and watch and they don't quite understand the way our game is played," Schroon Lake head coach Lee Silvernail said. "So as you're passing the ball backwards into space to do different things, they're always like, ‘You can't score if you're passing backwards!' Or ‘You gotta go forward to score!' So just hearing some of that makes me laugh sometimes. Just how times have changed."