A Garden Grew In Schroon Lake


The peppers have been picked, the peas plucked and the tomatoes tossed (in salads) -- now the green thumbs of Schroon’s first ever  community garden are already thinking about what to plant next year.

“It was an amazing year,” said gardener Julie Sawyers, who along with Sharon Piper were responsible for organizing the spruce up of the plot between the Glens Falls Bank and the building that houses Higher Grounds and the Upstate Agency.

“It went really well, despite getting a late start. There are already people with their names on a list for next year.”

Sawyers credits Piper, the co-owner of the Schroon Lake Bed and Breakfast, for getting the garden up and running.

“She is such a powerhouse of energy, she is wonderful”.

We watched as the garden grew – and it seemed to accomplish the goals Piper and Sawyers set out to achieve.  It turned a neglected patch in the center of town from an eyesore into something beautiful.   And it bought different folks from the community together, who might not normally come into contact with each other.

“I learned a lot this year. I met gardeners who had packed every square inch of their plots. I asked how they did it so well and they told me all about ‘squarefoot gardening.’ 

“Whenever I was their, towns people and tourists would come up and talk to me and tell me how wonderful the garden was.”

Sawyers grew tomatoes and squash but didn’t have much success with the later. “All I had was a bunch of squash blossoms. It was only when I visited my son and daughter in law in Chicago that I learned that I could bread and fry them. And they were delicious.”

Besides plots taken by individual gardeners, several organizations grew flowers and veggies, including Friends of Schroon Lake Library, The Lions and the 4H Club.  Several gardeners donated to the Food Bank, including Sharon and her husband Mark.  Did you take part in the garden or visit the site? Tell us about it in comments.