What’s Schroon Lake Worth?

We recently stumbled upon the website www.schroonlake.com, a bland, generic looking page with a stock photo of a body of water that doesn’t resemble anything like our fine lake.

With random links to everything from Six Flags to vacation homes in Central Florida, we immediately sussed out the site was most likely owned by a domain squatter, someone who commonly  registers an Internet domain name --  that is likely to be wanted by another person, business, or organization  -- in the hope that it can be sold for a profit.

We are almost positive that many good intentioned folks seeking information about our piece of paradise here in the Adirondacks have no doubt stumbled upon this site.

At the top of the site we noticed the domain name was for sale. Hhhm, we wondered? How much? An inquiry via an email form promised a price within 24 hours. We waited with bated breath. So what’s its worth? Try $85,000.

"It’s a little higher than most of the domains we have for sale," Rich Green, from Buydomains.com, told us today.

Buydomains acts as a broker on behalf of the seller. “We’ve had this domain for about a year now.”

A bit of digging reveals that the owner of the domain has their identity protected by Whois Privacy Services Pty Ltd, a company based in Fortitude Valley, in Queensland, Australia, approximately 15, 900 miles from Schroon Lake. The domain name owner has listed with the Whois service since 1998.

Is $85,000 a fair price, or do you think the owner needs to go jump in the lake? Tell us in comments.