Grandma's Paddle Boat Found! A Family Rejoices!

Grandma's Missing Paddle Boat  -- which we told you about over the weekend -- has been found!  We just learned from owner Tom Murphy that he found the paddle boat about 3/4 of a mile or so from his south Schroon home on the lake bank just south of the Old Scaroon Manor site.
"It had washed up on the shore and somehow managed to stay there," Tom told us.

The paddle boat -- owned by Tom but used almost exclusively by his mom and her grand kids --  had floated away from Tom's yard sometime in April, despite being tethered and way up on the shore, which you can see in the picture below.

Everything was fine until the "Flood of 2011".

Tom retreived the paddleboat by towing it with his kayak and tracked his recovery adventure on Google Maps. While Tom was fortunate enough to have a good Samaritan call him and tell him where to find the boat, he's had no such luck with several floating docks that were carried away in the great Fllod and now have simply vanished.

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