Schroon's New Tasty One Stop Meal Shopping Spot

We keep hearing rave reviews from folks who have discovered the bounty of delights at Monday’s Farmer’s Market.

"You could plan an entire meal or two here, complete with wine,"said holiday maker Dr. Ed Latimer, from Montclair, New Jersey, who was staying with friends with his wife Isabelle.

"From a cheese plate for appetizers, salad greens, herbs, the main course, to dessert, it’s all here. And there’s even wine."

Dr. Latimer was impressed with the white chocolate flavor of a dessert wine sold by Colebrook Country wines.

“For a small market, it covers everything,” Isabelle told us. And here is just a sampling of what the Latimers picked up: jams, pies, salad greens, herbs, maple syrup, wine, cheese.

Farmer's Market. Today 9 am to 1 pm. Parking lot outside the Town Hall.