Get Down Tonight With Boréal Tordu

To get you in the mood for tonight's Boréal Tordu concert at the Boat House, play the above You Tube video. The band, which hails from Maine with a French connection via Canada --  has an infectious sound, heavy on the fiddle, which will make you want to get up and dance (hopefully), or at least tap your toes.

So how did Boréal Tordu get their unique sound? A few years back fiddler Steve Muise and singer Robert Sylvain discovered they shared a passion for the music of their shared Acadian heritage. While signs of their parents' French culture can still be found in Maine, it was almost lost to their generation, after years of forced assimilation. More than a revival, their music represents a continuation of musical traditions passed down from the Acadians, the Québécois, and the unique French-speaking people of the the Republic of Madawaska and milltowns all over New England.

The Boat House, 8pm.