Getting Here From There

We recently posted about the bus option, of getting you or your guests to Schroon from New York City. If you prefer a scenic ride on a train, then here's a way from New York Penn Station that gets you as far as Ticonderoga.

The train is Amtrak train #69 Adirondack. The daily departure is at 8:15 am from Penn Station, arriving at Ticonderoga at 1:17 pm - a 5 hour and 2 minute ride on the same train. Typically the return trip is on Amtrak train #68  -- departs Ticonderoga at 2:33 pm and gets to NY at 8:40pm, a 6 hours 7 minute ride

The trip ranges from between $62 to $69 one way, depending on the day you travel. Caught this train? Tell us about it in comments.