Election Heads Up

By Laura Donaldson

Elizabethtown  ( E'town ) as we all know it as our county seat. The Board of Elections is now sending out yellow registrations cards that should come to your home. Please check to make sure it has your correct spelling and address. Look to see what district you are in. A good rule of thumb has been South of the School is 2 and North of the school is district 1.

If you have married and changed your name, see if this is correct. If you have not received a yellow card call the elections office at 518-873-3474 and tell them. There are many reasons why you might have been put on an inactive list: because other cards didn't reach you or too much time has elapsed between voting!

Fixing any of these errors should be a simple fix now, but if you wait until you go to vote, there could be complications. Hope this helps everyone.