Bye Bye Lowes of Ti

The Lowes Hardware store at Ticonderoga, our favorite area big box hardware store – where we always had exceptional service for appliance deliveries – is no more.

We just got a tip that the Lowes closed unexpectedly late Sunday. Now, more than 80 employees are without jobs. An answering machine greeting today told would be customers: "We're sorry, but this location is permanently closed. Please visit our location in Glens Falls."

The store -- one of seven that got the chop late last night -- came on the eve of the hardware giant's earnings call this morning, which you can read here

The Press Republican has more on the story here, including a statement from Lowes about the closure of the seven stores --  including Ticonderoga:

“The seven stores missed sales estimates from the outset,” said Public Relations Manager Stacey Lentz on Monday afternoon from corporate headquarters in Mooresville, N.C.

“They didn’t improve over time. We didn’t see a scenario that led to profitability for the store.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the employees who lost their jobs.