Civil War Vet's Letter: I'll Be Home Soon, Sell The Cow

A rare piece of Civil War history was unveiled last week, and so was an even rarer glimpse into the life of one Schroon Lake family with a loved one fighting the war.

The letter was written by Cpl. Charles H. Knox, a prisoner of war, in November of 1864.  He was held at the Lawton prison, near Millen, Georgia, after being captured by confederate forces.

The letter is revealing on multiple levels – it describes the passion Knox has for the North, how he describes the South as “Cecesia” in reference to their desire for secession from the United States and how he longs to be back at home with his wife and four-year-old son Charlie.

He offers advice to his wife Frances on how to survive in his absence – including collecting on a debt of $9.50 and selling the family cow – to save money on buying hay. Knox was finally reunited with his family after the end of the war. He lived until he was 70, working as a carpenter. You can find more on the story here and read a full transcript of the letter in our new section, My Story.