Monday Market Update...

No, we are not talking about the one where your hard earned savings and retirement are getting a daily beating, but the one right here in Schroon Lake, where your taste buds will thank you for visiting.

Yes folks, we are talking the Monday Farmer's Market, where area produce is picked fresh that morn, or baked, and delivered fresh to the Town Hall parking lot. If you still haven't paid a visit -- time is running out...summer will be over and it's gonna be your loss that you deprieved your taste buds of some good eats. Seriously, the produce is terrific and the folks that bring you their goods on a weekly basis care passionately about what they do. And it's good for you.

The picture above shows a sample of the wares of the South Meadow Farm, makers of delicious Adirondack maple syrup and candies.

9 am - 1 pm Town Hall Parking Lot