Marathon Winners....Everyone!

A North Creek man who took up running to stay in shape for the ski season took top honors today at the 15th Annual Adirondacks Marathon in Schroon Lake.

Paul Allison, 25, crossed the finish line in 2:41.54. The top women’s finisher in the marathon was Jocelyn Leavitt of New York, who finished in 3:03.24.: 

CORRECTION: This just in from Bill Tribou, Finish Line co-chair and Timing liason for the AMDF. The winner of the full marathon in the women's division was Virginie Rebeuh-Poritsky, 43, from Greenfield Center, NY in a time of 3:17:26. This was Virginie's fourth win at the Adirondack Marathon!

Allison was one of about 270 people who competed in the marathon. Another 505 took part in the Half marathon. Allison told the  Poststar  the end of the race was tough going.

"I was about a minute behind (last year’s pace of 2:40.48). But regardless, I’m still happy. The last five miles were incredible painfully," he said.

"I had my whole family, some aunts, uncles and cousins, and it a good boost when I was struggling," Allison said.