Correction: And the Winner Of The Marathon In The Women's Division....

Bill Tribou, Finish Line co-chair and Timing liason for the AMDF, left us this comment in our original blog post Sunday, where we erroneously reported the winner of the women's division was Joycelyn Leavitt. That report was attributed to reporting by the Poststar.

"The winner of the full marathon in the women's division was Virginie Rebeuh-Poritsky, from Greenfield Center, NY in a time of 3:17:26. This was Virginie's fourth win at the Adirondack Marathon! I don't know of Ms. Leavitt, but I do know that she did not finish the race (if she ran) with an official time. Unfortunately, at least four women who were entered in the marathon took it upon themselves to "start early" (not with the 7:00 early bird start) without informing the Marathon committee. They did cross the finish line with their chips prior to the actual winner, but they were disqualified from the official results. I don't know if Ms. Leavitt was in this group. In any event, congratulations to Virginie and all of the runners who ran the races the right way".  -- Bill Tribou, Finish Line co-chair and Timing liason for the AMDF.

We confirmed this information with Race Director Joel Friedman. "This is an amazing feat by Virginie, four times is really unbelievable," Joel told us tonight.

Congrats again to Virginie. And we sincerely hope you are planning on your fifth win next year.