Hurricane Sandy in The North Country: Just Wet And Windy (So Far)

Schroon Lake From The Flanagan's Pub Webcam at 5:15pm

As of this writing, -- at 5 pm Monday -- it’s just another grey, wet day in most of the greater Schroon area, as anxious folks await the fate of what Hurricane Sandy might serve up later tonight.

With Essex County under a state of emergency, first responders,  road clean up crews, EMS staff and state police in Schroon are on standby, according to council man Roger Friedman.

“Lets hope all Sandy does is blow a big pile of leaves somewhere in Schroon, with property damage kept to a minimum,” Roger told us this afternoon.

“It doesn’t look like we are going to get the damage Irene did. But who knows.”

According to the latest forecast from the National Weather Service, Schroon is under a High Wind Warning through 11 am Tuesday.

Wind gusts could be up to 60 mph, which could mean trees downing power lines. If that happens, here’s what the government suggests you do. If you need emergency shelter, Schroon has several options available.

How are you riding out the storm? Tell us in comments.