Schroon Lake And TV’s Jeopardy: A Love Affair!


Photo: Courtesy Adam Friedman

Our beloved Schroon Lake was again featured last night  on TV’s Jeopardy quiz show, just a few short months after its first mention in June

The above screen grab was captured by Schroon Laker and loyal Jeopardy fan Adam Friedman.

Adam tells us that the question which provided Schroon Lake (and Chautaugua Lake) as the answers came up in the Double Jeopardy Round under the category “States By Lake”.

The question was “What is New York?.  Adam was able to capture the screen grab of the answer using his trusty TiVo.

We can only speculate as to why Schroon Lake has gotten two mentions this year on the top rated quiz show. The obvious one is that one of the producers has a strong connection to these parts. But is he or she a former camper, second home owner or day tripper who once stumbled upon our fair hamlet?.

Do you – dear Schroon Lake readers – have any intel or theories? Tell us in comments! And last night’s Schroon mention give us the chance to re-run our story about Schroon Lake’s various brushes with Hollywood.