Schroon’s Safe Drivers Savin’ Some $$$

If you wanna save a few dollars on your car insurance --  and maybe even restore points on your license  -- then now is the time to book yourself a seat at next month’s Safe Driving Course.

The event is sponsored by the AARP and organized by Kate and John Huston.

“Every year we are filled, to over flow capacity,” John told Schroon Laker today. “It’s very popular.”

Drivers can save up to ten per cent on their car insurance and may qualify for point reductions on their license. The course is an all day, class room event, open to all ages.

“This is not just for older drivers. We get a lot of people in their 20s and 30s.” John said.  The course is on Saturday, April 21. For more information call Kate Huston at 518 532-9745.