Enjoying Summer?

Photo Courtesy Schroon Lake Lions Club

Take one, good last look at the Lions Club “ Ice-Out -O-Meter Robot” (above), because this baby went swimming on Tuesday and will soon be packed away for next year's Ice Out Contest.

At around 2.50 pm on Tuesday, the Robot fell through the ice, Lion Roger Friedman told Schroon Laker today. Now, Lions Club members are going through the hundreds of entries to find a winner whose prediction matched the exact time of the "Ice Out".

With a predicted high temperature  of 78 – and large sections of the lake unfrozen – it’s just a matter of hours (or minutes) before all of the ice goes under.

Eye witness reports to Schroon Laker this morning  tell us the ice has totally melted south of The Narrows, with a lot of dark ice north to town, where large pools of icy cold water have been exposed for several days.

The warm summer like weather continues through tomorrow – with a high of 66, with temps expected to fall back to 50s for the weekend. Wherever you are, what are you doing on this spectacular day? Tell us in comments.