A New Look For Schroon Laker

We recently published our 400th story here on Schroon Laker and to celebrate, we decided to give ourselves a makeover. From our humble beginnings last May, we have grown this website into something we are very proud of. We have thousands of unique users and tens of thousands of page views -- and that's just in recent weeks in the dead of winter!

We can't wait to see the traffic the site will attract in the weeks  -- and months  -- ahead as thousands of the "summer people" return. We look forward to Schroon Laker.com being discovered by a new wave of folks who love Schroon Lake and what it has to offer as much as we do! Where else can you catch up on all the news, fun, food and buzz!

So what do you think of our new design? What do you think of Schroon Laker? What would you like to see more of? Tell us in comments. And if you've got news, a tip or an upcoming event you'd like to share with the community you can email us at schroonlaker@me.com