About Our Series: The 20 Most Pivotal Events in Schroon Lake History

For folks who have come to know and love Schroon Lake, and want to enrich their understanding of how this slice of paradise came to be, their quest always leads them to author Ann Breen Metcalfe.

Ann, who was born and raised here, is the author of two excellent non -fiction books, “The Schroon River: A History Of An Adirondack Valley And Its People” and “The Leland House: An Adirondack Innovator.”

Ann has also authored several articles on the famous Scaroon Manor and a well received work of fiction, “Trout Lake: An Adirondack  Novel”.  And we also must note among her other accomplishments she has been a newspaper reporter upstate, and an executive at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

So when we came up with the idea for a series on the pivotal events that helped shape Schroon Lake, Ann was the most qualified to do so. As a result Ann has compiled a list of the 20 most pivotal points in history that have made our fine town what it is today. Starting today, we will present in chronological order those key events in a four part series. We look forward to hearing from you in our comments.