The 20 Most Pivotal Events in Schroon Lake History

Picture: Paul Scarron

By Ann Breen Metcalfe

1750s Schroon Named

During the French and Indian War French soldiers were stationed at Crown Point. They were probably admirers of the popular poet Paul Scarron and his wife Mme. Scarron de Maintenon, and may have named the lake for them.  

1780s Settlers Arrive

After the Revolution it became public policy to settle the Adirondacks and other unpopulated regions. The Great Northern Turnpike (now Rt. 9) was built and settlers started farming the Schroon Valley. Anthony Hoffman created the Hoffman Township.

Stagecoach delivering tourists to a waiting boat

1872 Tourists Arrive

The Adirondack Railroad from Saratoga to North Creek opened on the route tourist trains use today. Visitors detrained at Riparius, went by stagecoach to Schroon Lake and by steamboat to Taylor House (Scaroon Manor}, Grove Point House, Leland House, etc.

 The Leland House

1900 Jews Welcomed

Schroon became first Adirondack community to invite previously-excluded Jewish guests. The Emerson brothers initiated this move at the Leland House. 

1905 Schroon Lake Camp Founded

Rabbi Isaac Moses started the camp (where Skylark is today) and many other children’s camps, among them Cayuga, Idywold, Eldee, Nawita, Paradox, Pyramid, Redwing, Rondack, Severance and Woodmere, followed suit.

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