Main Street Schroon Shines: The Spirit of Small Town America Sparkles

Photo Credit Sharon Piper: Volunteers break ground on the Post Office make over

Everywhere you look down Main Street, Schroon is sparkling. Thanks in large part to the Toursim Committee, headed up by Sharon Piper, the beautifcation of former eyesores continues.

From the community garden -- which now graces a one time forlorn lot --  to the clean up of the Schroon Lake Industrial Park, the Tourism Committee has worked its magic ensuring that locals and visitors a-like, get to see Schroon at her best.

And those efforts continued today when a band of volunteers, under the direction of Sharon and Julie Sawyers, did a total make-over on the thread bare lot in front of the post office and liquor store.

At around 10am, 11 volunteers began the beautification process. Working on plans drawn up by teacher Eric Welsch, who has a passion for landscape design, the gathered green thumbs set to work.

After much, sweat and digging, the ground was ready for plants, supplied (at a steep discount) by the good folks at the Green Thumb Nursery in Fort Ann.

By mid afternoon the group was down to four volunteers, and the job was almost done. Sharon said the make over had been many months in the making.

"We first had to get permission from the landlord, the post office and the liquor store," Sharon told Schroon Laker today.

"Then we had to get the sign off on Eric's plans. We then had to source the plants to make sure they worked with the design.

"Everyone has been very helpful". 

During this morning's work session, local restaurant owner Deb DeCesare spotted the group slogging away, while on her way to the post office. A short time later a pizza lunch was delivered, courtesy of Decesare's.

The spirit of coming together in small town America is alive and well.