Remembering Frontier Town

For decades, Frontier Town entertained thousands and employed hundreds at its sprawling theme park grounds in North Hudson. Long shuttered, Frontier Town still remains near and dear to many visitors and locals here in Essex County. Among those fans is Caleb Baur, 19, who considers Frontier Town a very important and significant part of his life.

"If it wasn't for Frontier Town, I wouldn't be here," Caleb told SchroonLaker today.

"My parents met there. My dad had just come out of the Marines in North Carolina and his brother told him about Frontier Town and he thought it would be a good place to work for a while, before he figured what he wanted to do.

"He became a cowboy and he met my mom there. She worked a variety of job including trail rides."

So important is Frontier Town to Caleb, he is organizing a "Remember Frontier Day", Sunday (july 1st),  at Gokey's Auction and Trading House.

"It's every informal. I hope to get fans of Frontier Town together to talk. We'll have a couple of displays of photos and an exhibit of 19th century medical equipment.

Got a memory or story from your experience at Frontier Town you'd like to share? Tell us about it in comments.

Where and When: 10 am - 4 pm. Gokey's Trading and Auction House.  I-87 Exit 29 - Route 9, North Hudson, NY