Potato Chip Love At First Bite

We've known for a while that the hand made potato chips at Mr. P's Mountain Smokehouse are made with lots of love. But it wasn't until our friend Patty Kushner came across the above chip recently, that we discovered how much love Chris Palmatier and Shelby Davis really put into their delicious product. Patty discovered the love heart shaped spud in her order of chips, served as a side dish, when she recently ordered a Banh Mi sandwhich with smoked pork. Said Patty: "Pulled pork and handmade chips, love at first bite"
Mr P. himself was gobsmacked when Patty showed him the chip.
"Wow, I have no idea how that happened. That's not by design," Chris said.
Patty is holding onto the chip for now, but for how long, we don't know.
"If an image of a Jesus on toast can be sold on EBay, I might be tempted to demand a small fortune for this," Patty said, with her tongue firmly planted in cheek.