Smelling Good In Schroon

From a distance, they look like large, colorful gems. But on closer inspection you begin to smell the lavender, orange and lime aromas of these hand crafted soaps.

They're the creations of Tom Morganstern, the resident soap maker for Adirondack Aroma Therapy, a new vendor this year at Thursday's weekly Arts and Crafts Market.

So what are the best sellers? "We strive to put out a variety of fragrances. Hands down lavender is our number one seller. Beyond that citrus, any variety, orange, lemon or grapefruit," Tom tod Schroon Laker.

The small company also makes their own natural perfumes, botanicals and hydrosols, which I learned is a plant's essential oils distilled with the water from the plant. Tom also makes aromatherapy jewelry.

While an ADK enterprise, Tom finds his fragrances from around the world. "Lavender is most commonly associated with the French Pyrenees Mountains, the higher elevation. The higher the elevation, the better the quality of the oil. We strive to find a good balance between availability , price and quality”.

So how did Tom, a former carpenter, get into the get into the soap making business?

“I first got involved in designing soap for a corporation about 15 years ago. It became clear I had a good eye and aptitude for it, and I always kept it as a hobby. It goes in stages for any soap maker once your friends and family have all they can use for the rest of their life, and you still want to make more, you have no choice but to expand out.”

The Arts And Craft Market, on the lawn at The Town Hall, Leland Ave, Schroon Lake, Every Thursday,  9 am – 4pm.