The Rock and Roll Way Back Machine Visits Schroon Lake

Back in the day, barbecue meister Chris Palmatier of Mr. P’s Smokehouse fame, used to follow a Syracuse rock band known as The Works.

The Works were part of the glory days of the local 1980s rock scene, when performers had big hair, sleeveless T’s and wore a lot of denim. (Come to think of it – the only thing that’s changed for those rockers is the hair!)

The front man of The Works was a young man named Ed Hamell. (Seen in the video above)

"I used to go to high school with his nephew – we called him Uncle Ed," Chris told us.

"We all hung out at the apartment where I was living at".

Fast forward 30 something years. The Works, like those 1980s era exercise leggings, are a distant memory. But that young  front man, Ed Hamell, lives on, minus the hair. Mr. P has continued following Ed’s career and is responsible for bringing him to Schroon, at a show at 9pm this Friday night at the Timberwolf Pub.

Hamell on Trial is a one man rock show, with comedy, rants and a whole lot of social commentary on life, love, politics and whatever else is on Ed’s mind. But most of all it’s about the music, which you can sample here.

Will you be going to the show? Tell us in comments.