Schroon Lake Storm Update: "It was like a mini whirlwind"

Reader Scott Surovell sent in an eye witness account of the thunderstorm from his vantage piont at Talichito. Scott pionts out that the storm wasn't a miscroburst, as I reported earlier, but a "real nasty storm". "A microburst slams air down vertically where it spreads out from the center of the burst," he writes.

More from Scott:

We are in Talichito and we could see a big wall of water moving across the lake right at us.  When it hit the house everything near a window blew in.  Everything on our deck blew about 20 feet.  Water was flying in all of our windows and it was like a mini whirlwind in our house as air was being pushed out until we got all the windows closed. It was a pretty impressive storm.  

Not quite as crazy as the Derecho that hit DC two weeks ago - I was down there for that.  That was like a rainless hurricane for the first 15 minutes.  This was heavy duty wind for about 3-5 minutes and then just lots of rain.