The Unsung Heroes Of Schroon Lake

Reader Jim O'Connor wrote to us recently to piont out something that a lot of us take for granted. The fine work that is performed by the volunteer members of our Fire Department and EMS. Here is Jim's gentle reminder to all of us to remember those who serve us.

By Jim O'Conner

"Being from a law enforcement and public safety background -- and always being aware of my surroundings and available resources -- I did some limited research on our local emergency services and their funding sources. I realized that the Fire and EMS are all volunteer and depend quite heavily on donations.While I believe the locals and majority of property owners realize this, I believe the vacationers take it for granted as they probably come from communities that have paid services.

No one typically thinks about these services until they need them. Does anyone take into account that when the whistle blows these citizen servants are leaving their families or whatever activity to assist another? Do they realize that the average time of an EMS call is 2-3 hours due to the location of the primary medical facilities (Ticonderoga or Glens Falls) and approximately a 40 miles round trip to Ticonderoga or approximately 80 miles round trip to Glens Falls?

Fuel and maintenance costs as well. I'm sure the ambulance is getting possibly 10 or less miles per gallon, at about $4.00 per gallon. So without any expense due to volunteer EMT's , they expend a minimum of $40.00 from their budget for fuel depending on which facility they transport the patient to. Thank you to all who volunteer and make Schroon Lake the great community it is. God Bless America".

We couldn't have said it any better. If you'd like to donate to either of these services, here is the contact information.

Schroon Lake Fire Department

PO Box 456

Schroon Lake, NY, 12870


Schroon Lake EMS

28 Industrial Drive

Schroon Lake, 12870