Schroon Lake Tennis Tournament Out Of Love

An organizer of a Schroon Lake Summer tradition, The Annual Tennis Tournament, has cancelled this year’s event citing “serious playing hazards” on the town courts where the event is staged.

In a letter to potential players in the event, obtained by Schroon Laker, an organizer spells out why the event is being cancelled:

The town is NOT going to do any repairs this year. The end two courts do not have their nets up and the town is not planning on putting them up as those two courts are in serious need of repair. The two courts on the side of the Health Center are too short to play a serious match and the three courts that have their nets up have terrible cracks running through the courts creating serious playing hazards.  So in addition to the poor condition of the courts, 3 courts are not enough to be able to set up the tennis "draw" without some serious court time juggling.

Town Supervisor Marnell confirmed that two of the town’s seven courts will not open this year, because they are in disrepair, but said there were enough courts available for the tournament to proceed. He also disagreed with the organizer's assertion those courts created “serious playing hazards”.

“There are little cracks in those courts and they won’t hurt anybody,” Marnell told Schroon Laker today.

As for any potential hazard the courts might present to players?

“You can fall down on the dance floor,” he said.

Asked why the courts weren’t repaired this summer, Marnell admitted there was not enough money in the Town budget.

“We got two quotes of $10,000 and $15,000 for repairs. That’s money we don’t have.”

Marnell said that rather than spend money to repair the cracks in the courts, he wants to spend money to have them repaved, “something that hasn’t been done since around 1983.”

Asked if the courts will be ready in time for next year, Marnell said; “Tennis players can look forward to next summer and new courts.”

And that should be good news for the tournament’s organizer, who wants to keep the tournament going.

“I do not want this tournament to slip away. I think it's such a great way to meet new people, enjoy a little ‘low-key’ competition and have a great picnic at the end of the week.

But to keep the pressure on the Town to ensure the repairs are done, she is encouraging tournament players to voice their concerns.

“If you are interested in seeing the tournament continue on playable courts, it might just be a good idea to give a call to the Town Hall (518-532-7737) and express your feelings about the court repairs. …Personally, I think the Schroon Lake tennis courts are a huge asset to the town and should be maintained so all who play on the courts can enjoy their game and feel safe”.

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