Kate’s Big Day

4th of July Parade organizer Kate Huston, will have a very special view this year of the celebration she helped put together.

“My husband John and I and friends usually are close to Pitkins, Restaurant, so we can get a table and have dinner right after the parade,” Kate told Schroon Laker.

“But this year will be a little different.”

And how! This year Kate will be riding in the parade for the first time ever and in a very important capacity: Grand Marshall. Kate was recently named citizen of the year, and with that honor comes the Grand Marshall gig.

Organizing the parade – with dozens of dedicated volunteers -- takes more than a year to pull off. And that’s just one of several hats that Kate has worn over the years, which led to her being named Citizen of The Year.

“I’m not one for being the center of attention, so being in the parade with everyone looking at me might take some getting used to,” Kate said.

So give Kate a big Schroon Lake welcome when you see her in the parade today. She’ll riding in a PT cruiser convertible, driven by Laura Donaldson.