Scuba Diving In Schroon Lake: Have You Done It?

A reader writes:

"A friend is visitng Schroon Lake next week from Maryland who is an acomplished diver (25 years certification as a diver and a teacher), having explored wrecks around the world. He was wondering if there were any places to dive in Schroon Lake. I told him about your item on the recovered rudder from one of the steamer ships that used to work Schroon Lake and read that both boats were burned on the water. My friend became excited at the prospect of a potential wreck dive in Schroon. He has two questions. Is there another diver in the area who would like to go with him (he is a firm believer in the buddy diving system) and does anyone know exactly where those wrecks migt be located and in how much water. Thanks in advance."

If you are a diver or know of one who has any interest please email us at and we will connect you with the diver.

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