Update on the Rudder Found In Schroon Lake

After we posted our story earlier today about the significant find of a rudder in Schroon Lake, Schroon North Hudson Historical Society spokesman Tim Botterbusch has updated his comments that he'd sent us earlier:

"I think I need to make it clear that I don't know for a fact that the two main steam boats that traveled Schroon Lake,were burnt in two different locations.There is documentation that the Effingham was dismantled and burnt off Kepplers Point in the early 1950's.There is no documentation about the destruction of the Evelyn, so it is only my opinion that the Evelyn was destroyed at the very north end of the lake.This rudder was found almost a mile north of Kepplers Point at the mouth of the river. In 1971 a diver found the prop and anchor from the Effingham off Kepplers Point".

Can you help solve the mystery?  We have emails out to our friend, author and historian Ann Breen Metcalf, and the official historian of the Town Of Schroon, local realtor Gary Glebus,  to help shed some light on this.