Grading NY's Education Commissioner

The controversial Common Core has been embraced by  45 states, the District of Columbia and Department of Defense schools. But for many in New York, who have had the Common Core  thrust upon them – they are not happy.

That’s the main point of a story in the New York Times on Sunday, where the Common Core is even blamed for a what’s referred to as “Common Core Syndrome”.

That nugget was provided to the Times by Beth Dimino, an eighth-grade science teacher, who spoke out at a packed high school auditorium in Suffolk County recently.

Her  remarks were directed at one person: State Education Commissioner John King, who will be in Schroon Lake tomorrow for a listening tour, where he will hear from teachers, parents and students.

From Beth Dimino via the New York Times:

“Do you understand what that means? We have children that are being diagnosed by psychologists with a syndrome directly related to work that they do in the classroom. If that is not child abuse, I don’t know what is.”

King will hold his  public forum in the Schroon Lake Central School’s auditorium  to talk about the new Common Core Curriculum on Wednesday, November 20, from 3:30 pm – 5:30pm. Are you going?