Schroon Town Justice Candidates: Why You Should Vote

Tracy Hanchett

My name is Tracy Hanchett and I’m running for Town of Schroon Town Justice.  I am local to this community.  I have lived in this area my entire life along with my husband Drew,  daughter Anna Marie and son Drew.   Both of my children graduated from Schroon Lake Central School.  My family is a member of the Schroon Lake Community Church where my husband Drew and I were married and both our children were baptized. 

I attended college majoring in Business Management and Business Accounting.  I’ve also worked in an accounting office to gain as much background to run my own business.  Being a business owner and employer in Schroon Lake for the past 22 years has given me the opportunity to meet the local people and work closely with my fellow residents.

My local commitment speaks for itself. I have been Treasurer on the Board of Directors for the Schroon Lake Fish & Game Club for the past nine years and member for 22 years as well as Chairperson of the  Club Fundraising Committee.  I’ve served a term as a Director for the Schroon Lake Chamber of Commerce.For the past two years I’ve been Tournament Director for Northeast Team Bass tournament trail.  I have also been Organizer for the Ladies Christmas Party for eight years which raises funds and personal items for Women of Domestic Violence.

There has been much discussion regarding the need for legal experience.  I would like to point out several facts regarding this position. First, there is no legal experience requirement for the position of Town Justice.  If the State Court system felt that legal experience is necessary then they would require such experience. Second, the person receiving this position will be required to attend court classes to provide the elected Justice with the knowledge needed to perform the duties of this position. Every person regardless of their background elected to be Town Justice must attend these classes. In addition, there are ongoing required classes to keep the Town Justice up to date on any changes in the law. Finally our current Town Justice, Jean Strothenke, did not have any formal legal training when she was elected to the position and has been a very successful and highly regarded Town Justice for 24 years.

I believe I would be the right person for Town Justice. I’m honest, dependable, hardworking, creative, fair, energetic, straightforward, young and most importantly local to this community. My business and accounting background along with living in a small town all my life has given me the insight to be able to consider the local conditions along with the needs of each specific individual, while following the law.

Keep the Town of Schroon Town Justice position local and balanced. Please consider casting your vote for me this Tuesday, November 5th. I promise to work my hardest to fulfill this position while being fair and just.

Thank you for your consideration and your support. 


Bill Tribou

Honest, Fair, Qualified.

I am running for Town Justice on the Republican and Honesty Party lines.  I live at 24 Brookfield Avenue with my wife, Kristine (Noxon) Tribou and my father-in-law, Ed Noxon.  I grew up in a small, Connecticut town, and I have been visiting Schroon Lake since the 1970’s.  I wasn’t born in Schroon Lake, but I hope to spend the rest of my days here.  My wife, Kristine, is a fifth generation Schroon Laker.  Her great, great grandfather fought alongside his Schroon Lake neighbors in Company E of the “Adirondack Regiment” (118th New York Volunteers) in the Civil War.

I’m running for Town Justice because I believe that I am uniquely qualified and called to serve our community in this position.

I am qualified by virtue of my legal education and extensive, legal experience.  I am an honors graduate of The University of Connecticut School of Law.  I won five American Jurisprudence awards for legal scholarship during law school in: Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Torts and Commercial Law.  I practiced law as an attorney with Travelers for twenty three years focusing on complex, civil and commercial litigation.  I also conducted a pro bono or volunteer practice in family and landlord-tenant law.  I was appointed a Justice of the Peace, and I became certified as a Reinsurance Arbitrator to hear and rule upon disputes among insurers.

I feel called to serve as Schroon Town Justice for several reasons.  I value community service, and I enjoy helping people.  I currently serve as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners for the Schroon Lake Fire District.  I am a Captain in our Fire Department and an Ambulance Driver for our Emergency Squad.  I am a volunteer driver for the American Cancer Society Road to Recovery program, and I am a Director of the Schroon Lake Lions Club.  I have served in past years as a Finish Line Team Leader and Director for the Adirondack Marathon Distance Festival and as a Director for Seagle Music Colony.  I’m an active member of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church where I also mow the lawn, such as it is.

The job of Town Justice is a demanding one with 24/7 responsibilities.  I was fortunate enough to be able to take early retirement so I now find myself with the time and energy necessary to devote to this important job.

Finally, the next Town Justice may have the opportunity to participate in the design of a new Town Court facility.  The current layout is unsafe as mothers with small children must squeeze past defendants and lawyers in the hall to get to the library.  I want to help fix this problem, and I believe that I can bring value to the discussion.

My grandfather served many years as a highly respected town judge for Wethersfield, Connecticut.  I hope to serve Schroon Lake in a similar manner, and I humbly ask for your vote on Tuesday.

Thank you for your support, Bill Tribou