Breaking News: Early Christmas (and Holiday) Gifts For Schroon Lake Businesses

Schroon just received some WONDERFUL, AMAZING news -- The Strand Theater, The Seagle Music Colony and the new hotel project  -- The Inn On Schroon Lake – have all been awarded major grants by New York State, it was announced late today.

In a nutshell, what this means for Schroon is a downtown that continues to be vibrant, more jobs in the construction and hospitality industries, and a growing tourism destination in the North Country!

The Strand was awarded $40,000 towards the purchase of  digital film projection equipment . The Inn on Schroon Lake received two grants: one for $750,000 and the other for $14,095.00 to restore the steamboat Gothic lodge built in 1883 (which will be configured into five luxury suite)  in addition  to the building  of another nine structures that are “being recycled in order to support the tourism  industry in the area”.

The Seagle Music Colony received two grants totaling 118,100.00 for the construction of new buildings on the grounds of their campus and to increase the Colony’s  audiences and supporters and “to use SMC's increased visibility in the North Country to enlarge the tourism economy”

Congrats to all of the grant awardees. We’ll have comments from all parties in a future post.

You can read more in the report by clicking here, and checking out pages 75 and 76.

A huge hat tip to Shelby Davis and Sharon Piper who gave us the heads-up on this great news.