A Christmas Story


There’s a story we have been following out of Minerva, which should warm the hearts of animal lovers everywhere. According to a Facebook posting by Patty Warrington, several kind folks (chief among them Patty, we might add! ) played a big role in rescuing two abandoned dogs (above), from what could have been an extraordinary sad outcome. Thankfully, the dog are alive and well! Patty did some detective work and discovered the two dogs are from Newcomb, and appeared to have been left for dead by their fomrer owners.

From Patty's posting:

"Not Only do I do K9 Search & Rescue !!!! Find people !!!!! I also hunt people down that would drop Two Beautiful old dogs off in sub degree weather I know you do not give a damn that they would of not made it thru the night last night but they did and they do have a forever home now I do know that the dogs came from Newcomb and I do know they did not walk here to Minerva and I Do have your name !!!!!!! I did not sleep at all last night as I was like a hound on a rabbits ass Shame On You and I hope you get bad Karma for a very long time I have a couple of words for you that I can not repeat here on Facebook ......I did some leg work there are 5 more people that deserve as much credit.... Two wonderful & caring people gave them a forever home and three other folks that helped and cared and the Town Gararge Guys… The Pups Found some great friends and I think These Two Touched a Few Hearts : ) "

To everyone who played a role in this rescue, we salute you!