Schroon Lake, Circa 1924


Photo: Courtesy of EBay

There’s an incredible piece of Schroon Lake history on the auction block at EBay right now, with a 1924 edition of a Camp Red Wing book up for grabs.

From the description, it appears it could be part sales pitch and part year book:

Here is an overview of what is inside.  After title page is a listing of The Editorial Staff with Editorial page, Dedication page, The First Pill, Skanawaco Staff, Prize Song, Honor Roll and Ganeshaho, Extracts from the Pill, Athletic Meets with listings by date, Hiking, Basket Ball, Base Ball, Swimming, Tennis, Bat Ball, The Severance Meet, Camp Counselor Competition, Shut-Tup a poem, Horse Back Riding, The Inquiring Reporter, The Look Out, Junior Section, Our Beauty Walks, Photo of Junior A Group, Photo of Junior B Group, Photo of Senior A Group, Photo of Senior B Group, Knocks sayings by tent and cabin, Photo of Staff, Counselor Knocks, Counselor’s Show, Ohansenag, Dancing, Pageant, Dramatics at Red Wing, Amateur Night July 23, Saturday Night July 26, Brant Lake Show, The Musical Comedy, Arts and Crafts, Photo of Ethel Rosin Our Bugler, Camp Fire with paragraphs about various dates, Gameshaho, Awards, Red Wing Favorites poems, local advertising and sponsor names in the back.  Nice vintage - antique photos of the girls and staff at the camp - old cars, etc.  Fun to look at.


As of this writing -- 2:30 pm On Monday, February 11 -- there was 17 days left to go before the auction ends. If you are bidding good luck. And if you win it, tell us about it in comments.