Meet Your Chili Cooks and Their Creations

There are four categories in today's Schroon Lake Chili Cook Off: Best Meaty Chili, Best Veggie Chili, Best Chili by a Fire, Ambulance or Rescue Squad and the The People's Choice Award

All winners will be presented with a trophy after the judges have completed their scoring.

Best Meaty Chili

Chris Palmatier, Mr. P's Mountain Smokehouse, Mr. P's Award Winning Chili 
Bo & Melissa Moses, Grandma's Chili 
Will Plumstead, Orange Squadron, Willy's Chili 
Torri Shufelt, Mountain Lake Services  
Julie & John Sawyers, Dog Pound Chili 
Ruthie Peterson, Hot Stuff 21   
Patty & Bill Christian, Witherbee's Carriage House, Witherbee's Buckboard Chili 
Deb & Alan DeCesare, DeCesare's Pizza, Papa's Chili  
Matt Caunter, The Hemlock Ledge, Sweet & Spicy Pork & Pineapple Chili 

Veggie Chili

Shelby Davis, Shelby's Kitchen Therapy, Chili Chili Bang Bang 
Patty & Bill Christian, Witherbee's Carriage House, Carriage House Vegetarian Chili 

Fire, Ambulance or Rescue Squad

Christopher Keller, North Hudson Volunteer Fire Department, Artery Choke Chili 
Fran Ramirez, Schroon Lake EMS, Great Bowls of Chili 
Mark Barber, The Pacemakers from Ticonderoga EMS, Ventricular Chili-Cardia
Frank Meade, Pottersville Volunteer Fire Department