A New School Bus and Budget For Schroon

Voters in Tuesday’s election approved the Schroon Lake Central School budget of $7.4 million.

Three hundred and 444 people voted and the budget was passed 200-144. A proposition to buy a new bus got the green light by a margin of 200-134 votes.

Incumbent School Board member Tina Armstrong was re-elected to the school board, defeating Bruce Murdock.

Armstrong, 49, ran on a platform to have the Schroon Lake Central School offers more programs to increase enrollment, she recently told the Post Star.

From The Post Star:

Why do you seek this seat? With the state mandates, it is very hard to provide an excellent education for students while balancing a financially fiscal budget. I would like the board and staff to work together to make sure students have an opportunity to get a great education and be prepared for life after graduation.

What should the district’s top priorities be in the next two years? Giving students the best education we can provide. Be creative to keep up with all the unfunded state mandates without putting the entire cost on taxpayers. Enrollment has been going down, it is very important to have programs that will entice people to want to enroll children in our school.