Could the above seat cushion soon be a piece of history?

There is a grass roots effort being mounted by angry and concerned citizens who are vehemently opposed to the merger of the sports teams of Schroon Lake Central and Bolton Schools.

Schroon Laker has learned that dozens of folks plan to show up at a School Board meeting Tuesday night, where the issue will be discussed by board members.

Petitions have been started and what appears to be a vocal majority wants to be heard. From a tipster:

 "SLCS Wildcats.......that's what we have been......that's what we are......that's what we want to stay. There is a meeting Tuesday at 7:00 pm in the SLCS auditorium....come out and have your voice heard and let the Board of Education know that we do not want to merge our sports program with Bolton and that we want to stay part of the MVAC!!!!!"Many people are affected by the decisions made by a few".

The tipster tells us the meeting is to discuss merging the sports program to save money.

No one knows about it except the school, so the community won't be heard on yet another possible tax savings. Maybe you could let people know?

You betcha we will!

There is now a Facebook page about the issue and two petitions. One  at the home of the Maisonville Family (6 Leland Ave.) for all parents of athletes at SLCS. There is also a petition at DeCesares Pizza.

Where and When. Tuesday, May 28. Schroon Lake Central School. 7pm.