Keep The WildCats Free and Wild In Schroon

As of this writing, more than 207 folks have signed the below petition, which will be presented to the Schroon Lake Central Board of Education tonight. It's to stop the proposed merger of the athletic departments of the Schroon Lake Central School and Bolton Central School. We will have a full report tomorrow. If you attend tonight's meeting, share your experience with us in our comments section.



The proposed merger would call for both Bolton Central and Schroon Lake Central to merge their athletic program thus losing our school mascot and causing physical, monetary and educational hardships on our community and most importantly on our Kids. The town loses their tie to the past 70 years of tradition and their identity associated with being a Wildcat for the past 70 years.



Reasons to refuse the merger:

1.50 hrs. of additional time traveling approximately every other day per week to travel to Bolton for practices/games.

Lose half our home games to be played in Bolton.

Just spent over a million dollars upgrading the gym for what reason… 4 games a year?

When will our children have time to study, do homework and have dinner with their families as they would not be getting home until after 8 pm.

If we merge then what happens to the overflow of kids playing sports now?  Are they refused, cut from teams, placed on the bench?  We are not gaining anything

Additional monies for Bus drivers, additional vehicle maintenance and gas

Possible additional monies  for tutoring staff to be available

What we WILL LOSE: We are LOSING time the children can be spending with their families, studying, having dinner and getting rest for the next day. Not to mention the fact that more kids will be benched or cut from teams because it is not like they will be putting on the bench 30+ kids. We pride ourselves with community and family support yet if we have kids being sent to BCS for games more families will not even be able to attend... are the youth programs going to suffer next as the parents have to decide which child they support because we have spread them out so far they can support either? They are currently able to make multiple games since they are in the same area. We are losing our sense of self... we are going to be a random name made up between the two towns? We lose our identity with being a WILDCAT and the pride and heritage that brings us together as a community.

To the Schroon Lake Central School Board of Schroon Lake, Essex County, NY

We, your community, signed below call for the immediate rejection of the proposed Sport Program merger between Schroon Lake Central School and Bolton Central School. You are the Board Members that we voted in to represent us and our wishes. We demand that you represent Our Wishes Now!!