Putting Schroon On The Map

Greater Schroon Lake  -- and all it has to offer -- gets an eight page glossy spread in the August edition of Adirondack Life magazine.

The article, “Tour de Schroon”, by Tom Henry, chronicles the adventures of Tom and his family and friends, who spend several days on our glorious body of water, exploring the lake’s two campgrounds, Eagle Point and Scaroon Manor, the beach and park, the river and the Towns of Adirondack and Schroon.

Their adventures also take them in search of "Frisbee Beach" on the river, and to Goose Pond in the Pharaoh Wilderness.

Sprinkled through-out the story are gems of the area’s rich history, from Thomas Cole’s famous painting, to the glory days of Scaroon Manor with the obligatory mention of Marjorie Morning Star movie – complete with the Gene Kelley and Natalie Wood references.

The story does an excellent job of showcasing Schroon and surrounding areas by giving a unique perspective that many holidaymakers don’t get to experience. At the very least it should inspire those who haven’t taken a kayak ride on our lake and river to give it a try.

We learned a new expression from the story. “Nose baggers”.

“We’re learning not to be ‘nose-baggers’ --campers who bring food from home when they should be contributing to the local economy,” writes Henry.

That’s when the campers, while re-provisioning in downtown Schroon, “find a place that sells cheese and meat stuffed garbage bread”, which the crew quickly gobbles up in the Town Park


Although the restaurant is not named, we know that the garbage bread comes from Alpine Pizza. It comes in four sizes $5.95 to $15.95 and is dough filled with pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, salami and cheese.


Other local establishments that get a shout out are The Strand Theatre (Next to Alpine Pizza), Witherbee’s Carriage House (with a full page color picture of the bar and amazing collection of Adirondack history, The Adirondack General Store, The Word of Life Island and the hot dog and burger stand at the town beach.

For campers, the author reveals where the best spots are Eagle Point and Scaroon Manor.

Nature shout outs go to Pharaoh Mountain, Pharaoh Lake Wilderness, The Hammond Pond Wild Forrest, the Hoffman Notch Wilderness and Hoffman Mountain.  The story features 11 gorgeous photos.

Adirondack Life. August 2013. “Best of Summer.” $4.95.


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