Getting Juiced For Schroon's July 4

Every 4th of July, Kate Huston, the unstoppable dynamo that leads a team all year and on the day to bring the best 4th of July Parade around, says a prayer.

"I wake up early and pray for good weather," Kate told Schroon Laker. And if there ever was a year that pray needs answering, it's this year.  

As we write this "everything is in place". With her trusty partner  -- husband John Huston -- local tour guide and Schroon Lake legend himself, there are no bases uncovered.  

"I have to give John a lot of credit for keeping me on track and sane," Kate told us.

There are literally hundreds of details that have gone into Thursday's Big Day -- organized with Swiss watch precision by Kate, John and their crew of volunteers. Countless meetings with State Police, EMS services, the Essex County Sheriff's Department, Town Supervisor Mike Marnell  and numerous town officials. That's the stuff  they can control.  Now -- it is literally up top the weather gods for Thursday's big Day. Anyone know of a good rain dance ?

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